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About Iliana Kudus

Iliana Kudus studied photography at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

She makes spiritually inspired photos of man and nature. Her photography focuses on authenticity. Iliana previously made assignments for magazines and companies. In addition to photography, Iliana has a practice for healing and consciousness.

‘With my photos I want to capture the essence. Whether this is from a person portrayed, from a building or from an area; the essence is important. I pay attention to lines, to atmosphere and to the energy of the image. What about the energy: does the photo communicate with the viewer, is the energy passive or active. Does the image radiate harmony or radiates it tension?’.

Iliana Kudus


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1990-1992 Photographic design – Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
2012 -2018 Energy Healing therapist – Hogeschool Humanities Utrecht, Utrecht

‘Keluarga’, Makassar, Indonesia

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